The Good Life. Flourish.
But How?




Are you in a challenging time right now? Too much stress? Do you need re-orientation?
Are you interested in development and growth? Are you curious about getting new insights?
Would you like to release untapped potential or resources? 

My approach is holistic and includes the following: 

Positive Psychology and all the science around stress, suffering and the good life (cognitive),
as well as physical embodiment, mindfulness,
yoga and useful meditation-techniques.


 All this  in an environment full of trust and appreciation. 

If you are a an individual, a small group, an organization, a company, school, etc., the program will be entirely customized to meet your specific needs.

My tool is to support you to flourish and to make use of your full potential.

My recipe of “The Good Life” is based on the valuable wisdom of ancient philosophies,
modern science and my own experiences, gathered throughout many years of teaching.

I truly believe that every human being has a special gift such as a purpose one wants to share in this world.
I´m convinced finding out this purpose is a huge part of satisfaction. We have a lot more power in our hands than we usually believe.
Let me show you how development will bring a lot of joy in all of our lives.

I´m looking forward to working with you soon and guide you on your path towards your Good Life.
Evelyn Bierbach

About me

Evelyn Bierbach

More than 30 years experience in successful leadership

Owner of Ekatra Yogastudio Erfurt since 2010 

Offering Meditation- & Yoga-Teacher Trainings

Lecturer at Yoga Zentrum Jena (Teacher Training)

Gained further teaching experience through various coachings and trainings since 2009:

„Being present on stage / public speech", „Save and calm in stressful situations“

„The good Life. Flourish, but how?"

Diploma in "Positive Psychology“ (CAS program of study) since 2018

 Professorship at University Erfurt (in rhetoric & positive psychology)

Certified Happiness Coach in 2022

Member of World Happiness Foundation


Throughout my teachings I would like to give you some deeper insights into the science behind “Positive Psychology”.

This will address topics like:

  • What does it mean to live a meaningful life?

  • What do we actually need in order to live a good life?

  • How can each of us flourish best?

  • Where do we get our power from?

Other themes can be:

  • Positive Leadership

  • Positive Education

  • Self Confidence

  • The Good Speech

  • Health Management

You can either choose specific themes that you are interested in or book an overview into the topic.

Throughout the process we will work with ease, lots of humor, applying the teaching to your individual needs and situation.

The principle is:

Learning – Practicing – Reflecting

Like this, the newly gained knowledge will not just serve you as a group or company, each participant will also benefit from it in his/her personal life.


How to stay calm and feel safe in stressful situations.

This course focuses on modern and psychological stress management, based upon the studies of Prof. Dr. Gerd Kaluza.

The workshop will offer you theoretical insights and at the same time practical knowledge to reflect on your own experiences. This will enable you to cope with stressful situations in a more sufficient and healthy way in the future. 


Besonders als Führungskraft tragen Sie Verantwortung: Für Mitarbeiter, Kunden und sich selbst. Dazu braucht es Führungsweisheit. Was stärkt individuell und was lässt meine Mitmenschen aufblühen und zufrieden sein. Wie kommen wir in unsere Wirk-, Schöpfungs- und Vollendungskraft?

Wissenschaftlich fundiert, evidenzbasiert, mit viel Erfahrungswissen und Freude arbeite ich gerne mit Ihnen und/oder Ihrem Team. 

Artikel über Positive Psychologie