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"Broaden and Built Theory" by Prof. Barbara Fredrickson

Aktualisiert: 5. Feb. 2021

Schlechte Gefühle engen den Horizont und damit die Lösungsfindungs-Wahrscheinlichkeit und Kreativität ein. Gute Gefühle weiten....

Eine der renommiertesten Forscherinnen auf dem Gebiet der Positiven Psychologie ist Prof.Dr. Barbara L.Fredrickson.

„Negative emotions narrow people’s mindsets and positive emotions broaden them”

What are the specific benefits of positive emotions?

Fredrickson: "When people increase their daily diets of positive emotions, they find more meaning and purpose in life. They also find that they receive more social support — or perhaps they just notice it more, because they’re more attuned to the give-and-take between people. They report fewer aches and pains, headaches, and other physical symptoms. They show mindful awareness of the present moment and increased positive relations with others. They feel more effective at what they do. They’re better able to savor the good things in life and can see more possible solutions to problems. And they also sleep better..."

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